Gudula Shan'Adrana Gomez




Born: September 3, 1968 in Klagenfurt, Austria

Marital status: married, 3 children (Stefan, Anne Sophie and Caroline), 2 stepchildren (Daniel Gomez and Nico Gomez )

School education (1974 - 1986): 4 years of primary school, 8 years of primary school, 1986 Matura (Academic Aptitude Test) at BG / BRG Kirchengasse Graz.

Training and musical practice as a professional violinist in classical music:

1973 - at the age of five, first violin lessons at the Graz Conservatory with Prof. Franz Diethard
Participation in "Jugend musiziert" - Styria (Austria) and with high praise
1982 master class with the famous Prf. Franz Samohyl as Carinthian Summer Class and then his exclusive student.
From 1986 to 1990 he was a regular student at the Vienna University of Music and Performing Arts.
1988 winner of the "Concerto for soloists" of the Musikhochschule - performance of the violin concerto by A. Khachaturian in the great hall of the Musikverein in Vienna
1989 winner of "Musica Iuventutis" at the Wiener Konzerthaus
In October 1990, he gave his public examination with a diploma and with unanimous distinction. Already during his studies he then gave numerous concerts and tours in the country and abroad with the Graz Symphony Orchestra, the Vienna Chamber Orchestra, etc. with conductor the Sandor Vegh and as substitute violinist of the Vienna Symphony.
From 1992 to 2016, he is a member of the Austro-Hungarian Haydn Philharmonic with conductor Adam Fischer and as such toured France, England, Holland, FRG, Hungary, USA, Japan and China. Recently under the direction of Nikolas Altstaedt (Cello Virtuoso) in international appearances. Participation in the VSOP orchestra by Christian Kolonovits (European tour).
Since 1995 - A purely autonomous activity mainly in RSO Vienna, in the Wr. Mozart Orchestra, in the Schönbrunn Palace Orchestra, in the stage orchestra of the State Opera in Vienna, Imperial Orchestra, Orchestra of the "Johann Strauss Concerts at the Sofiensaal in Vienna ".

Recordings of violin sounds for the VSL (Vienna Symphony Library) with Gudula as an integral part of the 8-violin group providing all the sounds for the world-famous collection since the beginning of the production.
From October 2006 to September 2007 she obtained a contract with maternity leave at the RSO in Vienna
From 2013 to 2016: There are also "musical improvisations and compositions" at live events, concerts and workshops (for example, the Mother Earth concerts in Vienna and much more)
Cooperation with music producer Taato Gomez, studio recordings for various productions
Own productions on CD with Taato Gomez: Crystal Healing, Healing from the Heart, Einklang (Natural Unison), Namaste, Divienna Salsa, Wir Biz as soloist, composer and co-producer.
Tour 2014 with his own program "Frequency of Love" and invents formats for workshops with Taato Gómez such as Transformation Days with the biophysicist Dieter Broers and seminars for couples.
2014 - 2015 - A one-year contract with the NTÖ Tonküntler Orchester as first violin.
2016 recordings, arrangements and co-production of "Dedicativas al Rockn Rios" for Spain and Latin America. About us - Biz CD

Projects with renowned directors:

Herbert von Karajan, Sandor Vegh, Adam Fischer, Michael Schönwand, Peter Eötvös, Krzysztof Urbanski, Andrés Orozco-Estrada, Yutaka Sado, Gilbert Varga, Bertrand De Billy, Andrey Boreyko, Ivor Bolton, Vladimir Fedossejew, Manfred Honnek, Philippe Jordan, Dimit Kitajenko, Fabio Luisi, Cornelius Meister, Kirill Petrenko, Nivolas Altstaedt, Christian Kolonovits and many more.

Additional Studies, Training and Therapeutic Practice":

Since 2004: Reiki therapy training and practice
2010/11: Train as a sound therapist and masseur according to Peter Hess
2011/13: Training as a bioenergetic therapist at the Kryon School, additional training in energetic straightening of the spine
2019 Completion of training as SHT® master coach (self-healing techniques) according to Roberto Antela Martinez
She developed the concept "Soul Melodies" with channeled melodies,

CD Mother Earth, Video Vertrauen-Confidence, CD Freudenfeuer- Fire of Happiness