Gudula Shan'Adrana Gomez


Gudula Shan ́Adrana Gomez Teke, born in Austria, is a real magician on the violin. At the tender age of 5 she embarked on a long journey of studying the violin, classical music, the most modern techniques and practice and developing her exceptional skills as a concert violinist. Awards, prizes and a successful degree from the Vienna University of Music opened the door to an international career. Countless concerts with renowned conductors from all over the world and Viennese orchestras (RSO, Haydn Philharmonic, Lower Austria Tonkünstler, and many more) give her an additional breadth in the overall understanding of the power and depth of so-called 'serious music'. As a studio musician for VSL and Synchrostudio Vienna (film music), she gained experience as a recording artist and as a producer of CDs. A creative openness to a wide variety of styles complements her diverse cultural interests.

After becoming a mother of three children, a deep examination of social, economic and spiritual issues began, which she was able to tackle as a courageous and charming woman. Training in areas such as energy transmission (Reiki), essential oils and essences, biophoton raindrop massage, sound massage and consciousness research with a wide variety of methods helped her to successfully master the challenges of a partly single mother. This experience flows into your work as a coach, seminar leader and musician. The study of frequency medicine with Dr. Viktor Zyganov is a natural consequence of her enthusiasm for natural methods.

In partnership with music producer, philosopher and seminar leader Taato Gomez, she has been providing valuable support in workshops to clarify the structure of the soul, personality, ego and consciousness into a healthy and harmonious state since the unforgettable "Mother Earth" event in Vienna in 2013 . Her skills in the gentle development of being as a whole are also audible in her melodic compositions and in her extraordinary and rare ability of so-called "instant composing" (spontaneous, inspired composing in the here and now). She manages to touch young and old and lead to new paths of relaxation (inner journeys). Her improvisations are always perfect in the genius of the intuitive composition. Everything arises in the moment, in a sensitive empathy with the listener, here and now. Gudula intuitively manages to transform the heart or the current state of mind of the listener into melodies. She composes unrepeatable jewels of a "healing sound" with the frequencies that enable a higher, expanded consciousness. Through the various "guided melodies" her masterly played violin reaches fields of the brain, heart and subtle bodies and thus stimulates the beneficial Distribution of neurotransmitters, happiness hormones, DMT, and other consciousness-raising agents in each participant. A unique, indescribable experience! Recommended for everyone who wants to experience meditation more deeply. Ideally suited for beginners! In the CDs NATURAL UNISON (EINKLANG), WIR-BIZ, NAMASTE and CRYSTAL HEALING you can really experience this spiritually uplifting quality of Gudula & Taato.LIVE YOUR LIFE on the CD DIVIENNA SALSA adds rhythm and sensuality.

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