Taato Gomez



Born on: May 20th, 1953 in Santiago de Chile

Marital status: married, 2 children,( Daniel Gomez Teke & Nico Gomez ),  3 stepchildren (Stefan Leopold , Anne Sophe & Caroline Madl)

Taato Gomez attended the German School in Viña del Mar / Santiago, studied composition and arrangement at the "Universidad de Chile" in Santiago.
At the age of nine he already played the accordion and guitar, has been singing since he was 13 and later took piano lessons.
First own band Embrujo / Kissing Spell and record contract with RCA Chile at the age of 15!
Starts studying Integral Philosophy with the Arica System from Oscar Ichazo in Santiago de Chile and Arica in 1970. Since 1974 in Germany, from 2008 in Vienna, Austria.

Taato Gomez is the man who, as the producer, helped Rainhard Fendrich's "Macho-Macho" and "I am from Austria" to chart success (gold / platinum) (Austria / Germany).
All "Fendrich" productions (all seven CDs) achieved gold and platinum status
He also produced the so far last Rainhard Fendrich CD "Hier und Jetzt".
He also got gold and platinum for his productions with "Miguel Rios" (3 CDs No. 1), tour with Rock & Rios in Spain / Latin America and 3 CDs with "Purple Schulz" (Germany).
PLAYBACKS producer for the RTL shows "Deutschland sucht den Superstar".

He is responsible for the comeback of "Peter Kraus" ("Welt Rock'n Roll" and "Ich mach weiter") (Germany) and among others for the music of the Shaolin monks show "LOTUS and SWORD".
His invention of baby music "Happy Baby" and his relaxation collection "Art Of Living" are known and successful worldwide.

He produced and composed the last two "DIDDL CDs" for children.
The own invention "SuperPowerKinderClub" CDs at Neckermann Family Club have been a great success since 2000 in holiday hotels around the world. Own songs and animation concepts for children under his own label Shantaarecords, sung by son Nico Gomez when he was 9 years old. With Morlunah (stepdaughter).
He is also the producer and concept maker of MARY's FRIENDS - ENGLISH for children as CDs, as a new superlearning program with fun and rhythm, Sing to Learn.

Film music in the RTLSeries  "Alle liebe Jimmy" (2006/2007) as producer / composer.
Successful collaboration with Reinhard Horn and Kontakt Musikverlag since 2014. Co-produces and arranges all of Reinhard Horn's children's hits (award-winning CDs for children).

He produces selected artists and friends: Ruben La Voz (Latino Pop) and Thomas Koran (German POP)

Appearances as a solo singer-songwriter in his own concept "Frequency of Love" and in a duet with his wife Gudula Shan'Adrana Gomez with his own music program and CD collection. With the convergence of Gudula and Taato (Shantaa) between classical music and pop and even indigenous music, a new kind of meditative music, soulful compositions and music for joy and dancing emerged.

Taato Gomez composed music for the Vienna Theater Metropol: musicals "Wien hat den Blues" and "Charlie's Tante".

The musical "AGUA ES VIDA" is his latest work for the Spanish-speaking market around the topic of water.

Taato Gomez is also a seminar leader for meditation, philosophy and general fitness, teamwork and life coaching.
Transformation days, leeway for quintessence and seminars for couples are forms of awareness raising.

Taato is an expert and tireless student of philosophy, meditation, protoanalysis and original eneagram since 1979, a student of Oscar Ichazo, completed trainings in Chile, Germany, Holland, Great Britain, USA-California and Hawaii.
Produced three CDs with the "Seven Sacred Vowels" and also an exercise / meditation CD.
He gives special VOCAL workshops for this.

2019 i.a. Completion of the training as a SHT® master coach (Selfhealing techniques) according to Roberto Antela Martinez.

Creation of the CD Mother Earth and Fire of Happiness (Freudenfeuer)..