KLANGREISE (Journey Through Sounds) is an invitation to "Live Channeling Music" with Gudula and Taato Gomez. Gudula plays the violin, leads through ever new moments of direct inspiration and opens up a state of awareness in the here and now.

KLANGREISE (Journey Through Sounds) is relaxing, fascinating and connecting. Unity and harmony can be felt. Follow the notes of your soul.

SOUND JOURNEY with "7 sacred vocals". Taato introduces the "7 healing vowels". It is sung meditatively and a field full of light is made possible for the sounds in the heart. Ancient knowledge about the original state of being becomes audible.

SOUND JOURNEY is a harmonizing EXPERIENCE in which everyone encounters themselves.

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Sound journey with singing of the 7 healing vowels (7 sacred vocals) is an event by Gudula & Taato Gomez.
Singing the "7 sacred vocals" leads to a state of highest awareness and Light consciousness.
Great clarity, peace and energy, connectedness and light can be personally experienced and passed on collectively - for the benefit of all beings.
The experience of love and light becomes "audible and tangible".
A contribution to peace and human development.

We sing 7 sacred vocals in support of peace in the world.
High states of consciousness positively influence humanity as a collective.
Our best is best for everyone. Studies such as "the Maharishi Effect" provide evidence that synchronized meditation has positive effects on society.
Crime and negativity drop significantly in the statistics.
Accompany us to the SOUND TRAVEL EVENTS! We're happy to meet you !