Happy baby music

Loving music composed, arranged and produced especially for the baby!

Taato Gomez is the inventor, the # 1 and the very first producer of BabyMusic specially designed for babies worldwide!

"My little son cried in his sleep every night. I desperately searched for solutions. I felt so sorry for him and the rest of the family already had" rims under their eyes ". The music box calmed him down, but as soon as it stopped, he cried again.
So I went into my studio and produced an extended version with a music box: Bingo!
"Sleep, baby sleep ..." - Midwives, doctors and psychologists helped me to produce the most beautiful baby music in the world, with which babies can actually sleep through and parents can enjoy the first few years at night. My son Nico (www.nicogomez.de) is doing well today, healthy, happy and became a famous artist and a great singer  ...he loves music! "
- Taato Gomez


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HAPPY BABY Sound of Stars


Important information about Taato's unique baby music

Taato's own research in psychology, medicine, integral philosophy and contemporary music for meditation and wellbeing and his ethnological studies helped him develop the concept of music specially produced for babies for his own newborns. Until 1990 there were no "baby-friendly" music productions anywhere in the world. As the son of the internationally recognized professor of neurosurgery and neurology, Prof. Dr. J. Carlos Gomez Gonzalez, he got the best information firsthand.

He was inspired and supported by the world-famous French scientist Professor Dr. Tomatis with his knowledge of what a baby hears in the mother's womb and during the first three years of life and also the experiences of the midwife Therese Schlundt from Cologne (who gave birth to over 4,000 babies), Dr. Alvaro Insunza, chief physician of gynecology in Santiago de Chile and researcher Pf. Schwarz from USA confirm and influence the results towards the perfection of the product.

Babies can hear in their mother's womb many months before they are born. The stomach is thus our first and perhaps the most formative "classroom". Learning through hearing is supported by the familiar sounds in the mother's womb, which create a powerful emotional and spiritual connection. The baby hears the mother's voice through the spine, filtered in the range of 8 kilohertz. The rest of the sounds in the womb, such as arterial sounds, abdominal sounds, etc., "filter" the baby through selective hearing. It is only several months after birth that it can gradually enjoy other parts of the spectrum. Just like a grown-up person "decides" on a noisy street to only hear the voice of a passerby and "fades out" all remaining street noises.

It has been scientifically proven that music in general creates new neural connections / synapses in the brain, thereby promoting and boosting babies' intelligence. This gives the little ones the feeling of vital harmony, which gives them psychological stability, which is particularly important for a sustainable, healthy and holistic development of a person.

Thanks to the harmonious and warm sound, the little ones have fun listening at all times, because the calming and soothing quality of the music helps babies feel loved and secure and sleep better.

This music is produced with scientific support and is based on scientific parameters. Pitch, rhythm and frequencies are perfectly matched to baby ears.

Baby music promotes the holistic and fundamental development and health of babies.

Baby music is enriched with high frequencies because the baby - according to the scientific findings of Prof. Dr. Tomatis and other doctors - can only hear high frequencies. The bass in the music, which would freeze the baby in a pseudo-calm, but which means stress, are consciously always set an octave higher in our productions and finely filtered to protect babs ears..

This is why the "toy piano" with its high frequencies is so popular and the use of the violin is very important because it contains very beneficial high resonances and the baby stores these tones and melodies before birth. After birth and in the months after, the baby remembers the comfort in the womb and relaxes even more.The most beautiful music boxes were sampled and digitized by Taato and experts in order to provide this sound basis on our CDs. The high frequencies are filtered pleasantly for the baby and so the BabyMusic promotes the development of synapses in the brain and thus overall health and intelligence.

No subliminals are used!

The elaborate sound mastering is also one of the "secrets" of Taato Gomez, which is why this music is so pleasant, health-promoting and incomparably valuable.

Produced with love and responsibility!


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