POP Music produced by Taato

CD trilogy with one-man band Taato Gomez

I'm bringing out three CDs this year: My “Best of” songs from 30 years:

Embrujo del Amor (Spell of Love) - in Spanish (late 80s Latin Pop)
A part of my Life - in English (90s Pop, Father Songs) and
Liebe Lebe Lache (Love Live  Laugh) - in German (2000s pop, a capella, funk, ballads, etc.).

All three are inspirations of my constant development as a composer, which unfortunately for a very long time remained unpublished in the shadow of my success as a producer for other international artists. However, these jewels were kept in a “Drawer Treasure Chest HD”. I composed in three languages, depending on where I was, and waited for inspiration until real emotions and thoughts in the respective language, unconstructed, really arose in me (inner voice). It was a challenge for me to reproduce these songs with authenticity, to sing them in 3 different languages ​​as a “native speaker”, to experience these feelings in their purest form, to shape them in a contemporary way and to make them sound.
A real one-man band with Taato.
Even as a child, I had the vision of playing music with a band of clones (mine). Later on, new technologies really gave me the opportunity to import everything myself with the PC:
Mastering choirs, basses, guitars, keyboards, orchestral arrangements, drums / percussion, then solo vocals and all sound recordings.

An inspiring energy overwhelmed me every time.
It was sad for me, however, never to release this music, but the knowledge that one day it would be possible drove me to carry on. Pop songs are a part of me and an expression of my heart!
Now, thanks to Shantaarecords.com, that dream of worldwide release has finally come true! Thanks to creation and all of the friends who believe in me.
Thanks to Corina Fortmann and Achim Perleberg, to Nico Gomez and Gudula Gomez. Thanks to Erich Pillitsch (Mr. Pill) for re-mixing and mastering!
I had tears the other day while listening to the old masters. The lyrics are very touching and the sounds are beautiful. From today's perspective, everything sounds somehow new. Re-mastered by Erich Pillitsch, they are jewels.
Some things were really “prophetic”, other texts are timeless, philosophical and poetic. Above all, I'm happy that my longing for love has been fulfilled in some songs in my life with Gudula. Your soul, heart, violin and classical music enrich me infinitely.
All songs form bridges to my new music, which flows from the soul connection with Gudula. "It's all about love"! I am happy that many friends finally have access to my most beautiful songs from the last few years.
I wish you a lot of joy and high vibration!
Music is magic. Everything is love and light!
Kiss to you. Hug, your Taato


EUR 20,-

A Part Of My Life, Timeless Lovesongs

"My best songs in English", Taato Gomez
These jewels have been collected over several years and are now finally available for you! Duets with Nico Gomez as a child and as a teenager are among the highlights. Songs about longing, love, becoming a father and spiritual knowledge came straight from my heart and were always recorded immediately. (Recorded between the end of the 1990s and 2013 in “timeless eternal moments”).
Mastering re-mix: Erich Pillitsch
Also available on iTunes with all texts!


EUR 20,-

Embrujo del Amor / Spell of Love

The second CD includes the BEST OF TAATO GOMEZ trilogy (in Spanish) from the period between 1990s and 2018. The highlights are “Embrujo del Amor” - the history of his band in Chile in the 1970s describes the political, spiritual and musical changes. “A mis Amigos” is a look back at this long creative time with wonderful violins by Gudula Gomez. The great trumpet virtuoso Hans Peter Salentin can be heard on "La la lay la" and "Será Sera"! My friend John Parsons, incredible guitarist can be enjoyed on "Por la ventana"! Thanks to all!
Arranged, composed and produced by Taato Gomez.


EUR 20,-

Liebe Lebe Lache

A BEST OF TAATO in German this time. Songs a capella, choirs, feelings, thoughts of development and romantic moments and longings. Everything was created spontaneously and guided in our own studio. Have fun with my jewels in German. thank you thank you thank you



The 8th continent / Thomas Koran

POP-German produced, arranged and recorded by Taato

Thomas Koran is a composer, singer-songwriter from Austria. He tells universal stories from life, love, the longing for better things, sings about divorce, reconciliation and dealing with children. From his work as a therapist and coach he took wonderful soulful stories, which can also be our own. "It's your story" Erich Pillitsch (CO-producer) and I (Taato Gomez -producer) were often close to tears, because different parts of the lyrics and songs affected our own processes with people, children and partners so strongly. The Austro-Pop, Dance, Schlager style has developed over a long period of time. The orchestra sounds give it the "Viennese touch". The modern sound was designed by Erich Pillitsch. The 8th continent: a round story that is soulful, funny and sometimes very thought-provoking. A definitive invitation to travel to the 8th continent with a "one-way ticket", that place of our future for us in a NEW ONE World . The change we all want so urgently.
(Orders and Lyrics at www.thomas-koran.com and in Itunes)


EUR 20,-

Ruben LaVoz

Latin Pop, Latino poems with Ruben LaVoz.He is a  great artist, singer and a highly spiritual human being from Dominican Republic. He  presents his first CD "Himnos al Amor" and sings Salsa, Bachata, Merengue, Reggeton, Bolero and more.
All Music Produced, arranged and composed by Taato Gomez